A bit about me

When I was a student, it hit me that money dictates our lives. Wealth had never been my primary motivator, but I realized I couldn’t achieve anything else without paying it some attention.

This discovery encouraged me to learn about business. For a year, I worked in the business development team at a startup and developed an interest in entrepreneurship.

But I’ve always been a writer at heart.

After graduating with a first-class degree in Economics from a world top 100 university, I returned to my roots.

Personal finance writing marries lots of my interests and experiences. I can satisfy my left brain with the nitty-gritty of finance and express my creative side through writing, all whilst feeling like an entrepreneur.

My mission? To help those who (weirdly) don’t share my passion for budgeting spreadsheets.

Of course, there’s more to life than money.

When I’m not geeking out over the latest credit card rewards or researching ETFs, you might catch me having fun in more conventional ways. I write in my personal blog about relationships and life, I love dystopias, and I’m passionate about quesadillas.

A bit about what I do

I’m a seasoned writer with experience in web copy, scriptwriting, copyediting, and more.

Now, I focus on articles and blogging.

Want to develop your content marketing strategy and convert more leads? Or maybe you want to express your ideas effectively and do them justice? Either way, I’ve got you.

My past life in business development has taught me to write with the customer (or reader) in mind, my scriptwriting experience guarantees I can craft an excellent story, and my academic credentials mean I’m no stranger to the technical details of the economic sphere.

Oh, and I can handle the SEO to ensure you rank highly, too. I’m well-versed in tools like Yoast, Clearscope, Google Trends, and more.

I cover topics like:

  • Personal finance
  • Investing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Digital marketing
  • Startups
  • Business
  • Cryptocurrency and blockchain

Not sure if your project fits into the categories above? I can probably still help – just ask.