Your ideas are powerful.

There’s just one problem. In business and finance writing, the key message can get lost behind dull content and jargon.

Expecting readers to soldier on through a poorly written article or website is a recipe for disaster.

You need a writer with both a nuanced understanding of the subject area and a knack for highlighting why anyone should care.

It’s no easy feat.

To find out how I can help, contact me, or check out my portfolio first.


I’m a freelance writer specializing in business and finance, with experience writing for countless websites and businesses.

Whether your target audience is executives, Gen Z, or Gen Z executives, I can help.

Before freelancing, I worked in business development at a startup and studied Economics. I have a genuine interest in everything related to finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship – and I want to help others “get” these topics like I do.

Sound good? Let’s talk.

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Here's what my past clients have to say...

“Sarah started out as a translator for my company, translating Spanish copy to English, but her translations were better than the original Spanish. This caused us to have the Spanish re-written, based on Sarah’s new English versions. The next natural step was to have her write new original copy, which we did. She added images, infographics, links and uploaded content to our websites which created a lot of value for our projects. We found Sarah to be creative, analytical, organized, and punctual, and professional. We highly recommend Sarah for any writing project within her areas of interest.”
Aaron Hansome, President of Wealth & Integrity Network

“Sarah has been writing for Love Work at Home for around 4 months now and continues to provide great quality round-up reviews and informational blog posts on all things work-from-home. Her strength? Definitely her sense of humour that comes through her writing very naturally and makes the articles very easy to connect with and trust.”
Rowan – Founder – Love Work at Home

“Great work produced on time, within the strict parameters and rules, and with minimal adjustments. This was a topic outside of Sarah’s normal type of writing, and she handled it extremely well. We will definitely be working together again, and it is nice to know that there is someone professional and capable like her who can help me with these rather tricky blog posts. Thank you!”
Nicholas A. Battaglia, NAB Legal Marketing